IRIS ALMOG & Co. Law office practices labor law more than 18 years.

Labor law is an exciting and challenging field, involving solving disputes between employer and employee. Our office managed to help employers and employees during the years and is responsible for settlements of hundreds and millions of Shekels.

Our office has a lot of experience in mediations and negotiations process so that we solved disputes many times without needing legal proceedings at all, which saves high costs and fee for our clients.

Our office represents both employees and employers and provides legal consulting and representing services in labor law district courts and labor law court of appeal in Jerusalem.

Our office services include various fields of labor law:

  • Labor law legal consulting
  • Woman employment law
  • sexual harrasment
  • Termination of work and retirement
  • Hearing proceedings before termination of work
  • Discrimination and equality
  • Employer Employee relations
  • Immediate preventing injunctions orders (for example to prevent dismissal)
  • Dismissal of pregnant woman or in fertility treatments- representing in procedures in front of ministry of social affairs and social services
  • Contracts in Hebrew and English (Noncompete clauses, Trade secrets, options vesting)
  • basic labor law legislation (claims and law suits): severance payment, pension provisions, holiday pay, recuperation pay, minimum wage, overtime pay, advance notice, severance pay, minimum wage, advanced notice etc. holiday recuperation payment.

 You are welcome to contact us through our office and set and appointment: 03-7514538